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Month: March 2017

Progress report: March 2017

Progress report: March 2017


$15.48 meal co-op books

$45.96 for 3 cubic feet of potting soil, 3×50 foot landscape fabric, and 5×25 foot floating row cover

$10.92 for 3 more cubic feet of potting soil

$20 for seed trays and pots

$40.88 seymour grub hoe

$16 for seeds from Sylvia Davatz

$52.94 for 6′ wide weed barrier and wood for seedling trench, and pvc pipe for transplanting tube

$14.60 for seeds from Adaptive Seeds

$48.00 for seeds from Wild Garden Seeds

$2.99 for logo design app

$19 for staple gun and staples

$61 for wood, hardware cloth, and paint to build simple duck house

$40.42 books on raising ducks

$40 duck feeders

$11 two indian runner ducks

$50.19 for three more ducks and supplies

$30.36 duck bedding, water jars, feed, etc

$32.69 for tools

$13 for a machete

$8 for duck food

$62.90 insurance payment


  • Dig a trench and cover with floating row cover to provide a sheltered, frost-protected place for starting seedlings.
  • Got more seedling trays from a neighbor who used to operate a nursery
  • Made a facebook page
  • Starting preparations at the secondary site



Sign lease

Pave driveway

open business bank account

put first crops IN THE GROUND


lease stuff:

Toolbox for Leasing Farmland