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VeggieCompass tracker system

VeggieCompass tracker system

VeggieCompass is a spreadsheet and system of practices for data collection on farm. We’ll probably be using it this year.

From VeggieCompass:

The spreadsheet is designed as an intuitive system for data organization for diversified vegetable farms. It is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with three input pages and three output pages. Expenses are entered on the first spreadsheet page, and sales information on another. A third sheet requires growers to allocate detailed expenses to each crop including production labor hours. The spreadsheet uses the data from the input pages to calculate each crop’s cost per pound ($/lb), breakeven price, and gross margin by market channel. Farmers can then adjust which crops to grow, how much to grow, and pricing to increase profits as well as make more informed farm management decisions.

More information and a download of the spreadsheet is available here.